Saturday, April 27, 2013

Age Has Nothing To Do With It

I work with two boys that have a lot of energy. Sometimes, they need to release that energy before they go crazy. Honestly, who isn't ready for a little pick-me-up and some f-u-n at the end of the day? I always promise them 10 minutes of extreme sports in the gym if they complete their work. That usually does the trick.

Last week, we played an intense game of tag and I, have to say, still got it. I chased them everywhere - up and down the court, through the bleachers. We never stopped running, and I always tagged them. My agility and quickness not only surprised me, but them as well.

After I chased and cornered one of the boys, he wheezed and exclaimed, "Man, you sure can run fast for an old lady!"

Don't you doubt it for a second, youngster.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Housing Honeymoon

Being a homeowner has been pretty easy so far. I know, I know. That statement will one day bite me in the @$$, but until then we're going to enjoy how smoothly everything has gone.

The past three weeks of living in our new house have readied us for the next fifty years of homeownership. You wouldn't believe all the things we've done!

We poured Draino down two sinks and plunged one toilet. We hosted eight houseguests for a weekend. I made breakfast on a real, adult sized stove and put groceries in a real, adult sized refrigerator.  I did laundry in our very own washer and dryer. Ben screwed a cabinet back together and fixed the lawn's sprinkler system.

Who knew homeownership could be so grand and perfect?!?!

I realize that something could happen in the next few months. Something could go wrong and the honeymoon would end... right? Maybe. Maybe not. But, just in case, we'll revel in this newfound excitement for as long as possible.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Dwelling

Our new home... sure beats the places we inhabited in New York!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


You read that title right... Ben and I are homeowners! We bought our dream house. Everything worked out perfectly.

We moved into our new abode last Saturday with help from our parents, my brother, and two of my brother's friends. Nothing beats younger bodies with lots of muscles. We couldn't have done it without them.

We loaded six vehicles and caravanned to our new town, our new house. We cruised down the interstate to our new life with unmatched enthusiasm. I only prayed that we didn't lose any boxes on the way... they looked pretty secure tied to the back of the truck.

The last five and half years of living in tiny apartments have culminated into a lifetime of living in a spacious house. Our new place is 11x the size of our biggest New York apartment. Eleven times! Don't believe what anyone says... size really does matter!

Itty Bitty has moved up in the world!