Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Money Talks (or Forever in Blue Jeans)

Our new house excites me, especially the decorating part. I've popped into Home Goods and TJ Maxx and Marshall's quite a bit over the last three months... maybe a little too much.

Alright, alright. I shopped "way too much" because, yesterday, Ben put me on financial lockdown.

Fine. Okay. I deserved it.

He needed to do it. It was the right thing. An addiction was forming.

Unfortunately, Ben then spent all afternoon and evening talking about the importance of saving money. He said not to buy every cute lamp, decorative pillow, area rug, hand towel, or picture frame on sale. Ben talked about it a lot. A lot.

He even challenged me to not go into any home stores for a week, which I (begrudgingly) accepted.

We finally switched topics after six straight hours of budget talk, which left me weak and hungry. As we walked toward the front door, Ben said, "You know, we really need a nice bench to sit where I could tie my shoes. Yeah, a solid wooden bench and maybe a coat rack. That'd look good. Oh, and maybe something on that wall so it doesn't look so bare."

I swung my head around and looked at him.

Did I then take the opportunity to remind him of the torturous, daylong, never-ending discussion I suffered through?

You bet.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Name Calling

In New York, I'd been called a choice name or two. Random people let me have it. Strangers on the street had no problem putting me in my place.

But, that doesn't seem to happen in Kentucky. Instead, I'm called "sweetheart" and "honey" and "baby doll" and "darlin'." I rather like it. It makes me feel good.

I'll trade "idiot" for "sugar cakes" any day. 

Monday, July 8, 2013


I worked with a group of older boys to improve vocabulary. I read a story with great enthusiasm, and I used facial expressions and my hands to better illustrate new words. I got so into the story that my arm caught my necklace and snapped it in half. The plastic balls that adorned the necklace broke in half and rolled across the floor.

Without thinking, I yelled, "Oh no, my balls broke! My balls are rolling away!"

I gathered the broken pieces and then noticed the boys laughing. Pretty hard.

I turned red, cleared my throat, and continued reading like nothing had happened.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trader Joe's

About two years ago, Kentucky had almost everything we needed. Now, Kentucky definitely has everything we need thanks to a brand new Trader Joe's grocery store that opened about 15 minutes from our house. Thank you, Trader Joe's. Thank you, Kentucky.

Trader Joe's was an NYC staple. We loved shopping there and knew we'd miss it. Now, I drive a mere 3.8 miles to get there.

Ah, life is good.