Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Scary Moment in Motherhood

I wrote my last post a long time ago. Many days, weeks, and months have passed since that post.

I planned to write all of the time after having a baby, but taking care of a baby has been A LOT of work. I thought I was prepared and ready, but I had no clue.

I didn't know that a baby required so much time and effort and patience and love... and time and effort and patience and love... and time and effort and patience and love.

Thankfully, Ben and I have finally settled into the roles of mom and dad. So far, the experience has teetered between amazing and overwhelming. I've never loved someone so much and almost lost my mind at the same time.

Yesterday, I laid William in his swing to take a nap. I didn't buckle him in because it seemed unnecessary. He doesn't independently roll over or sit up or walk yet, so leaving him unbuckled didn't seem like a big deal.


I went upstairs to iron. I heard William cry. I walked downstairs to check on him. I turned the corner to find him face down and hanging halfway off his moving swing!

I dropped everything in my arms, dashed across the room, summersaulted over the couch, and saved him before he slid out of the swing and hit the floor.

I cried a few tears from the huge tidal wave of fear that washed over me.

William just wanted to show off his new party trick. Of course, he should've tried it when I was in the room, close by. Not when I was out of the room, far away. But, where's the fun in that?

There will be many more freak out moments, I know. I just hope they happen on daddy's watch and not mine.