Monday, March 30, 2015

Break Time

Once in awhile, mommy needs a break. Not a one, five, or ten minute break. A big break. Mommy needs "me" time to keep her sanity, to maintain her calm and zen-ness.

I needed one such break last weekend.

Ben and Baby William and I spruced up the house for spring. We trimmed trees and washed patio furniture and sprinkled the yard with grass seed. I did a lot of this with Baby William strapped across my chest. I loved the closeness of Baby William, but my back hurt after hours of carrying him and it took three times as long to get things done.

By Sunday evening, I wanted to cut loose for just a bit. So, I yelled to Ben that I was outta here. He didn't question me.

I hopped into the car and floored it down the driveway. I peeled around the corner and zoomed down South Broadway toward the setting sun. I opened the windows and blared music. I swerved when switching lanes and cheered while doing it. I quickly slurped a Dairy Queen blizzard and almost returned for another.

After an hour, I felt better. Reenergized and ready for life. I couldn't wait to get home to see my baby and Ben.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Helping Hands

Several days before William's six month checkup, it snowed a foot and temperatures fell below 0 degrees. Ben was out of town for work. What timing!

On the morning of William's appointment, our friend, Jonathan, stopped by to say hi. Thank goodness he came by because my car wouldn't start. With limited options and time, we loaded William, his car seat, his car seat base, his diaper bag, and myself into Jonathan's sporty, fast car.

I laughed on our way to the appointment. Jonathan, a bachelor with no kids, was already complaining about how exhausted he was from climbing over mountains of snow to install the car base and load William and his car seat into the car.

He had no idea that was only the beginning.

We parked and then Jonathan lugged my 16 pound baby and his equally as heavy car seat across the parking garage and into the office. I loved the extra set of hands!

Jonathan planned to relax in the waiting room, enjoy the latest Highlights, and check out the hot nurses. Next time, buddy! Instead, he carried William down three hallways to the exam room. My back and arms really appreciated it.

Jonathan sat motionless, mute, and stone faced in his chair during the appointment. The nurse left and Jonathan said, "She probably thinks I'm the most disinterested dad ever."

She totally did.

The nurse returned to administer William's shots. Jonathan comforted William while I held his arms and the nurse pinned his legs. I warned Jonathan, but he still teared up when William screamed and cried.

We finished with the appointment, checked out, and schlepped to the car. I could hear Jonathan breathing heavily as he carried William in his car seat. We loaded back into the car and collapsed into silence.

Jonathan said, "I hiked 120 miles once, and this was more exhausting. I'm physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. I need a nap. I barely survived!"

Welcome to parenthood.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Scary Moment in Motherhood

I wrote my last post a long time ago. Many days, weeks, and months have passed since that post.

I planned to write all of the time after having a baby, but taking care of a baby has been A LOT of work. I thought I was prepared and ready, but I had no clue.

I didn't know that a baby required so much time and effort and patience and love... and time and effort and patience and love... and time and effort and patience and love.

Thankfully, Ben and I have finally settled into the roles of mom and dad. So far, the experience has teetered between amazing and overwhelming. I've never loved someone so much and almost lost my mind at the same time.

Yesterday, I laid William in his swing to take a nap. I didn't buckle him in because it seemed unnecessary. He doesn't independently roll over or sit up or walk yet, so leaving him unbuckled didn't seem like a big deal.


I went upstairs to iron. I heard William cry. I walked downstairs to check on him. I turned the corner to find him face down and hanging halfway off his moving swing!

I dropped everything in my arms, dashed across the room, summersaulted over the couch, and saved him before he slid out of the swing and hit the floor.

I cried a few tears from the huge tidal wave of fear that washed over me.

William just wanted to show off his new party trick. Of course, he should've tried it when I was in the room, close by. Not when I was out of the room, far away. But, where's the fun in that?

There will be many more freak out moments, I know. I just hope they happen on daddy's watch and not mine.