Monday, February 25, 2013


My ears have slowly adjusted from northern accents to southern accents since returning to Kentucky. Still, there are times when dialectal differences will surprise me.

Yesterday, I asked a one of my little ones to tell me as many meanings as possible for the word "heel/heal."

"Oh, that's easy," she said. "Like I help you get better and..."

She paused and closed her eyes in deep thought.

"I got it!" she smiled. "Like when you go up a big heeeee-ll (hill)."

"Not hill," I said.  "Heel/heal."

"Right," she said, giving me a confused what-don't-you-get-lady look.  "Like I climbed a big heeeeeeeeee-ll."

Just a little miscommunication, that's all.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Tonight, Ben and I went to the movie "Safe Haven." A classic Nicholas Sparks movie that left half of the audience sniffling and sighing at the end.  The story touched me and, I thought, Ben as well.

We walked to the car after the movie, and I talked nonstop about it. I talked about how romantic it was.  I agreed with the casting of actors and actresses. I questioned how the main character packed so many outfits into one plastic Wal-Mart bag during her getaway. I obsessed over Julianne Hough's haircut.

I thought Ben was with me. I thought we were on the same page and he was really into the conversation, really into the movie until...

Ben stopped me mid-sentence.

"Whew, I think tonight's dinner had a lot of onions in it. Don't you?"

Oh, yeah. Right there with me. Totally in sync.

I probably lost him before the credits rolled and didn't even know it.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Rent Free Forever

Do I miss things about New York? Yes. Do I not miss things about New York? Yes.

I definitely do not miss one thing, and that is renting.

Renting was expensive, yes. But, I expected to pay a lot to live next to four star restaurants and Central Park and opera houses and a river overlooking the New Jersey coastline. Rubbing shoulders with Tina Fey came at a price.

I just never expected the unorganized and sometimes unscrupulous way landlords handled renting. I realized that renters never had an upper or even hand in the deal.

Ben and I got our entire security deposits back from our first two apartments. And, we should have. We cared for those apartments as if we owned them. We added value to those apartments! I scrubbed decades of grime out of bathroom crevices and off of floors. I retightened loose screws on cabinets and bleached dirty mini blinds. I (almost) exterminated the places from roaches and silverfish. Ugh.

They should have paid me for living there!

It was the leasing company of our last apartment that really frustrated me. Our apartment had its issues. None of which we caused. They existed before we moved in the place.

But, as it sometimes goes, we must now pay for them.

The leasing company finally returned our security deposit after Ben repeatedly called them for six months. Six months! They returned our deposit, but not without taking a nice piece of it.

Of course, the problems they made us pay for are the same problems that were already there when we moved into the apartment! The same problems I complained about for almost three years. The last 20 tenants also probably paid for those problems.

On the bright side, we got back most of our deposit. Dad said to "let it go" and "be happy" because at least we got something. A life lesson learned.

Now, I can finally shout, "C-ya, landlords. Wouldn't want to be ya!