Thursday, October 27, 2011

Italy: Deep In Thought

Apparently, I did a lot of thinking on this particular afternoon in Venice. Could I have looked any more serious?  Honestly, someone needed to loosen up a bit.  There better have been an adult beverage in that glass.  

I was probably admiring Venice's architectural marvels.  Or, maybe my gnocchi was still digesting and I was in a food coma. Or, better yet, perhaps I was eavesdropping on Italian mob conversations. Yes, the last one must have been it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Italy: Venice Bound

After Paris, we hopped on a plane and headed to Venice, a city built on the water. We stayed at a little hotel right off one of the main walkways.  The hotel offered a free continental breakfast every morning, a planned perk that saved us a little money, and one TV channel only in German, a surprising perk that entertained us for hours late at night. Germany, it seems, has very impressive Clint Eastwood voiceovers.

At first, everything about our hotel room seemed great… until nightfall, when we noted a problem.  Mosquitoes. Everywhere.

During our visit, we learned that they built Venice on top of a lagoon. And, since mosquitoes live, grow, breed, and love watery places, they loved Venice. Big time. We noticed how many modern day Venetians used smart inventions, like window screens, to stop mosquitoes from flying into their homes.  Unfortunately, our hotel didn’t.

The problem started when the cleaning lady left the window open in our room. That acted as a blinking neon sign, inviting all mosquitoes along the Grand Canal to stop by and enjoy a feast.  The first night, I watched about a dozen mosquitoes flit along the walls and ceiling.

Ben didn’t freak out, but I definitely did. I imagined them circling my head in a feeding frenzy, crawling in my hair and under the covers.  I smashed as many mosquitoes as I could with a magazine.  I emulated some of the German Clint Eastwood’s moves to kill them with better precision.

Since I couldn’t get all of the mosquitoes, I slept as stiff and still as possible with the bedcovers pulled tightly around my chin.  I took shallow breaths because I feared they might be attracted to carbon dioxide as I exhaled (an unproven theory). I woke up eight hours later in the same position with some buzzing around my ears.

Ben, on the other hand, slept shirtless with the covers kicked off, which was a perfect diversion from me.  Since he exposed his skin to the mosquitoes, they didn’t bother me near as much as they bothered me. I like to think that did that out of love

He is such a good, good husband.  

Mosquito Central

Free breakfast in the hotel courtyard

Sprichst du Deutsch, Clint Eastwood?  I am impressed.
(Do you speak German, Clint Eastwood?)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

France: Ecclesiastical Points

I promise that this is the last post about Paris, even though I still have about 500 more photos left to share.  

We toured the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral and emerged considerably holier, which is good because I am of Van Kersen lineage, and we all know what that means... I need as much divine intervention as possible.   Hopefully, I gained some ecclesiastical points during our visit to Notre Dame.

* Ben looks so much better than me in the last picture, and I attribute it to his hair staying in one place and mine going everywhere from the open top bus tour.

Monday, October 3, 2011

France: Hanging In There

I loved the Louvre Museum even though it took its toll on me. Don't get me wrong... I appreciated the paintings by world renowned artists, and I appreciated the thousand year old sculptures that lined the (really) long hallways. But, walking miles on marble floors and reading tiny placards exhausted me. What can I say? I was on vacation.

By the time Ben took this picture, I had consumed two packs of peanut M&Ms, leftover cookies, and one water. In the picture below, I was on the verge of sliding down the wall for a "wee" nap. I don't think Venus de Milo would have minded.  

I continuously searched the area for the nearest snack bar as we moseyed around, only to find that it was in another wing of the former palace.  Fortunately, for me, Amanda felt the same way and we left Brian and Ben to graze in greener pastures (literally, we ate at the restaurant located near the entrance while the boys checked out a few more exhibits).