Saturday, May 25, 2013

You Know You're In Kentucky When...

Last night, I dreamed that somebody gave Ben and I fifth row, lower level seats for a University of Kentucky boys basketball game.

(I'm hardly the first Kentuckian to have dreamt this.)

We pushed through the turnstiles at Rupp Arena, found our seats, and watched the game just feet away from the action. Ben and I (sorta/almost/kinda) resembled Jay Z and Beyonce at Madison Square Garden cheering for the Knicks. Toward the end of my dream, I got my picture taken with each player from the starting lineup.

That dream pretty much solidified our move home.

I am definitely back in the Bluegrass.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Sights and Smells

We have noticed a major difference between New York and Kentucky now that spring has sprung.

Kentucky is very green. Everything is green. Trees, grass, shrubs, plants... it's all green!

I drive to work and pass hills covered in green grass. I sit on our back porch and stare at a green yard surrounded by green bushes. I watch kids run on green grass that carpets playgrounds and parks.

Everywhere I turn I see and smell grass. I welcome the sight. Fewer buildings and roads and sidewalks. More gardens and yards and fields.

I like the change from gray to green.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sleep Improvement

There's been a lot of good things about moving home, but one of the best was getting a queen bed. Q-U-E-E-N!

It's unbelievable. Truly, it is.

I wouldn't trade those extra inches for anything.

We upgraded from a full to a queen and never looked back. I've slept better in the last five weeks than I ever did in the last five years of marriage. Not kidding!

No elbows in my face. No feet kicking my legs. No butt in my back. No head on my pillow.

It's like Ben isn't even there.

Within a week, the dark circles faded from under my eyes. My sore extremities vanished. My mood improved.

It's been nothing but smooth sleeping.

So, if I go missing for awhile and there's been a lack of new posts, you know where to find me... in my q-u-e-e-n bed.

In fact, I might catch some zzzzzzzzzz's right now.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vocabulary Lesson

I worked with two boys one afternoon. We focused on new vocabulary words found in their reading. I read the word "crouch" and asked what it meant. They took a few guesses and almost defined it. We then discussed the definition and practiced crouching around the room. We thought of synonyms and antonyms for "crouch." We used "crouch" in our own sentences.

We had the new word down!

We then went to the gym to shoot a basketball and practice old vocabulary words. We each took a turn throwing the ball from the three point line. I knew my ball wouldn't reach the goal overhanded, so I bent low to the ground and threw it granny style. Smooth, I thought, until I heard one of the boys yell...

"Look!  She's crotching!  She's crotching!  I'm using our NEW WORD!"

I almost died.


I almost died.