Thursday, October 31, 2013

Over the Top

Ben did it. He bought the CatGenie 120, advertised as "The world's only self-cleaning, self-flushing cat box." No hands shall have to clean thy squalid litter again.

I can't wait to pop this bad boy out of the box and give it a whirl.

Frankly, Ben's excitement about the CatGenie was borderline scary.

But, what can I say? I married a passionate man who loves his girls.

I came home from work today to find the CatGenie box on the front porch. I almost texted our neighbors to ask them to hide the box in the backyard. I feared somebody might steal it.

Patches and Zipper now live in the equivalent of the Four Seasons or the Plaza Hotel. Live it up, ladies. It doesn't get better than this.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Big Ben

Big Brother a.k.a Big Ben has his eye on me. Looking over my shoulder. Keeping me in check.

On Friday, I dropped in Marshall's on the way home from work.  I just wanted to see the new stuff they had. I needed to hit the racks before the weekend crowd picked over everything.

Boy, oh, boy! It was good that I stopped. Two deals screamed my name. I bought them, of course.

I planned to hide the purchases in the trunk of my car until Ben left the house. I'd then sneak them in our closet and try them on again before deciding if I really wanted them. I planned to return them if I didn't like them. No biggie. No would know, but me.

I didn't want Ben to discover that I was shopping, so I moved quickly. I rushed through the line at the cash register and shoved the bag in the back of my trunk. I sped down Winchester Road and smiled with satisfaction. Success!

About 10 minutes later, my phone buzzed. I looked at it. The text from Ben read, "Did you just get boots at Marshall's?"

He's always watching.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Ben's obsession with our cats has reached new heights. It's public. People know about it.

He got seven birthday cards in the mail, and five of them had cats on the front.

Move over Crazy Cat Lady, there's a new feline lover in the neighborhood.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Quick Thinking

This morning, a group of children ate breakfast at a table. It turned into a rough meal. One boy made gross comments about his food. Another boy flicked Coco Puffs across the table. One spilled his milk.

I surveyed the table and said, "What is happening to this table? It is falling apart!"

One of the little guys looked up and quipped, "I don't see any cracks."

We then shared a high five.