Monday, March 30, 2015

Break Time

Once in awhile, mommy needs a break. Not a one, five, or ten minute break. A big break. Mommy needs "me" time to keep her sanity, to maintain her calm and zen-ness.

I needed one such break last weekend.

Ben and Baby William and I spruced up the house for spring. We trimmed trees and washed patio furniture and sprinkled the yard with grass seed. I did a lot of this with Baby William strapped across my chest. I loved the closeness of Baby William, but my back hurt after hours of carrying him and it took three times as long to get things done.

By Sunday evening, I wanted to cut loose for just a bit. So, I yelled to Ben that I was outta here. He didn't question me.

I hopped into the car and floored it down the driveway. I peeled around the corner and zoomed down South Broadway toward the setting sun. I opened the windows and blared music. I swerved when switching lanes and cheered while doing it. I quickly slurped a Dairy Queen blizzard and almost returned for another.

After an hour, I felt better. Reenergized and ready for life. I couldn't wait to get home to see my baby and Ben.

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